Who are we?

Can Rajolet restaurant is located in Vilanna (Bescanó) on tre outskirts of Girona, directly in front of the cycling route from Girona to Olot locally known as the "vies verdes" or "green paths".

Restaurant Can Rajolet opened i 1972 but since 1992 it has been refurbished and updated by its present owners.

Restaurant Can Rajolet has two dining rooms (each seating 50 people), a bar, a terrace area, a parking area for cars, buses and trucks. It also has a Bike Area which includes a secure bike parking area, two showers and a bike repair area, WIFI and bike rental. 

We also have a multipurpose room which can double up as a play room, game room, private function room etc....

Can Rajolet Restaurant is in active and direct contact with the body responsible for the "vies verdes".

We are also an accrdited Bed&Bike